SHC2018 Results, Judges Evaluations and Contest Week Evaluation Form

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Sorry for the delay, these things happen, but the links have been up since Sunday. They will be put in a better place on the website very soon!

Results Thread on Sonic Retro
Results Thread on Sonic Stuff Research Group

Judges' Evaluation Forms
Please note that there are no evaluations from Dandaman955 due to exceptional circumstances. If he is able to post them at a later date they will be entered in the forms or in the results threads.

Contest Week Evaluation Form

Like last year, we want YOUR feedback on this year's Contest Week so please take the time to fill out this form and let us know what you thought about this year and what we can look at for next year. So we can get planning for next year sorted out and next year's Contest announced by the end of this year like always, please note the deadline for the evaluation is the end of Sunday 9th December. It won't take you that long to fill out this form, so if you are able to, please do so. There are a few questions new to this year as we gauge feedback on a few ideas in terms of expanding the SHC, so please let us know your views on those too!

We will be back for the Sonic Hacking Contest 2019. Information for that will be posted hopefully by the end of this year. Things continue to get better and better for the Sonic Hacking Contest, so let's keep it going!

Saturday is the LAST day of Community Trophy voting!

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Please make sure you make your picks before it's too late!

The results of these and the Judged Trophies will be on Sunday at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST on MegaGWolf's channel!

The site has gone live now, so go and play the entries!

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Don't forget you can sign up for an account and vote for the Community Trophies - you do not need to be verified with Sonic Retro or SSRG in order to do that.

This year we will not be posting the stream schedule in the news posts as you can check out the times by going to Streams > Stream Schedule. Links to previous streams as well as prerecorded content from our other Media Panellists are now available by going to Streams > Videos and Recorded Streams. Please note that not everything is up yet, there's still some videos to be added and also some streamers do not yet have some or all uploads of streams available. It is up to them whether they archive their streams or not, however most will be available from that page.

Due to time constraints we have decided not to do the Mini Contest during the rest of the Contest Week, as it relied on having things be submitted using the website, which is not in a position to be done this year due to work still required. We had every intention to bring you the Mini Contest and we had things prepared to give to you to take part in it, but we didn't want to fallback on using the archaic email submissions without possible entry pages and we also wanted to give you at least five days to work on the thing, which just is not possible now. We're hoping to bring you this Mini Contest later next year, possibly during SAGE 2019.

Please note if anyone has downloaded Tropical Resort ReBoosted and have had issues getting it to run, download it again as the hardware issue has been fixed.

Emerald Coast in SA2 has also been updated to fix a crash in the level which people were experiencing, this issue had already been fixed weeks ago but it was not on the site yet.

Team Dark - SA2 Edition requires the Reloaded File Director (Legacy) enabled in the Mods tab of the Mod Loader in order to work.

STH2006 Project Demo 4: The link for the 06 Model has now been fixed. Remember to put it on higher priority for it to work.

Also, when voting for Community Trophies, please read the trophy description carefully. If a trophy specifically mentions 8-bit then do not vote a 16-bit entry for it, you're just wasting your time. It's certainly something that needs to be looked at for a future site update because this keeps on having to be mentioned every single year because some people don't get it.


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IT'S FINALLY HERE! Thanks to Ryan from Tails Channel for doing this, sorry it's taken a while longer but some things had to get added later on to make sure we could show off as many entries as possible (sorry if yours weren't in, we tried our best to show what we could). We'll probably do something so next year you put a particular video on the contest site specially for the trailer so we can get it done quicker. Anyway, enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who submitted clips to Ryan, redhotsonic before the change of trailer maker (computer troubles made the switch to Ryan happen this year) and on the SHC website if we had to get something from there.

The wait is nearly all starts this Monday 26th November, but remember that we'll have two pre-show streams on Sunday 25th with Donnie doing a Pre-Show at 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST and Stealth will play Sonic Megamix 4.0 and more after Donnie's stream from 11pm GMT / 6pm EST / 3pm PST. Click on the Streams tab to access them. 

Also, there WILL be a Mini Contest this year so check out this site on Monday for what we're doing and how to take part. Oh and look at our Twitter today and tomorrow to see a preview of all the entries on show this year.

The 2018 Media Panel - Streamers and More!

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Click on the Streams tab to access this year's schedule, streams will begin on Sunday 25th November and will last up to Sunday 2nd December. 

Streaming this year are AntDude, Donnie (SSF1991), Garrulous64, MegaGWolf, Neo Hazard, redhotsonic, SomecallmeJohnny, Stealth, StudioColors, Tails' Channel and VladislavSavvateev.

Official SHC Videos will also be produced by AGM (AquelGamerMexicano), Knuckles Channel 3 & Knuckles, premydaremy and SonicYoda of SEGADriven.comTSSZ News will have reviews too.

We have lined up an all-star list for the Contest Week, full of your favourite regulars from previous years as well as some newcomers who we've been wanting to have for quite a while too.

We've tried our best to include as many as possible & if you see someone not on the list, don't be disappointed. Some people this year couldn't make it but will always be welcome back again. Plus others will no doubt showcase the SHC and may find themselves in the list next year?
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