UPDATED: Sonic Hacking Contest 2018 Full Lineup of Contest and Expo Entries!

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If you never saw the early preview posted on the SHC Twitter, here is the list of entries for the Hacking Contest. Plenty of 3D entries this year but there's still many 2D submissions as well so there's something for everyone to play. Please note that I mostly followed the username on the site page, unfortunately teams were not implemented in time this year due to a bug in the software which stalled things. Hopefully things get sorted next time.

2P Shadow the Hedgehog by dreamsyntax
Among the Others by Unlimited Trees
Aquarium Park by Skyth_
Camelot Castle Generatiosn by Melpontro
Classic Sonic Improvement Mod by Showin
Cthulu's Island by PineappleArse
Dreamcast Chao Gardens by Exant64
Emerald Coast in SA2 by MainMemory
Hellfire Saga by Narcologer
Hidden Palace Adventure by SuperEgg
Knuckles in Sonic 3 PC by MainMemory
Lost Valley Overclocked by Infinite_Force
Megaman X in Sonic 2 by Pacca
Mortar Canyon Remastered 2 by Infinite_Force
Network Terminal Overclocked by Infinite_Force
Prototype Windy Valley by ItsEasyActually
Radical Highway for Sonic Heroes by Shadowth117
SADX - Sonic, Shadow and Metal Sonic mod, Gameplay Overhaul by Benji23245
Sonic 1 Almost Remastered by BonesBurger
Sonic 2 CD Remix by Pacca
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Battle Race by Natsumi & MarkeyJester
Sonic Cronos (demo) by Timaeus
Sonic Eclipse Demo by Mr_Cat
Sonic Forces - Glyphic Canyon by Knuxfan24
Sonic Forces - Lava Shelter by Knuxfan24
Sonic Heroes 2P Co-Op by DonutStopGaming
Sonic Limbo by lordxernom
Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack SHC2018 by jubbalub
Sonic the Hackable by CHRdutch
Sonic The Hedgehog - Neo Quest by MrHooman
Sonic the Hedgehog Frenzy (Demo) by Yoshister
STH2006 Project Demo 4 by brianuuu
Sweet Mountain Act 2 by JoeyLaw
Team Dark - SA2 Edition by Shadowth117
Tropical Resort ReBoosted by SKmaric
Weapons Bed...for Sonic Forces by DeaTHProj

(Real) 3D Infinite Boss #2 by Infinite_Force
Amy Adventure 2 by MainMemory
Classic Sonic Improvement Mod - Generations Edition by Showin
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - New Dialog by RadioShadow
Dreamcast Characters Pack (SADX) by ItsEasyActually
Drop Dash in Sonic 2 by MainMemory (moved to Expo on request)
Drop Dash in Sonic 3 & Knuckles by MainMemory (moved to Expo on request)
Everyone in Rouge's Outfit by MainMemory
Hedgehogs of Time (H.o.T) by PotterAndMatrixFan
SA2 Dreamcast Characters by EndUser
SA2 Omaochao Edition by MainMemory
Sonic 1 CDDA by Novedicus
Sonic 1 Remade by Lord_Xbox
Sonic 1: Contemporary by Roxurface
Sonic 2 Good Edition by Novedicus
Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Epilogue by TheBlad768
Sonic 3 - Angel Island Revisited by Eukaryot
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Tag Team by Jdpense
Sonic Forces: Emerald Coast Port (Demo #1) by s-daneeh
Sonic Generations Mod Classified Greenhill Act 2 by DCoolSpeed75
Sonic Generations with Recreated Sonic Unleashed Lighting by DCoolSpeed75
Sonic Kyukyoku by Iso_Kilo
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Legacy of Solaris by HyperPolygon64
Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition ~ Digitized Graphics Promotional by Royameadow
Sonic Unleashed Camera & Physics Recreation SG Mod by DCoolSpeed75
Sonic.EXE Mania Abyss Edition BETA by haloarbiter117
Unfinished Example Game by Unlimited Trees

If your entry is not on this list then it was moved to the Expo or if it was in the Expo then it was decided that it was not fit for submission and removed, those that were have been emailed earlier in the week as to why. Remember that we do quality check Expo entries too however we can be a little more lenient however anything that is outright awful will not be shown, this is not a free for all. Furthermore, if you are submitting entries that consist of using a disassembly with features you can enable with the flick of a switch (cough, ReadySonic) followed by piling in tons of guides made by other people with minimum effort from yourself, then it is not being judged. We got two of these this year and needless to say they are no longer in the Contest, a few more from the 3D side also were moved. Last year people commented that the quality control should have made certain Contest entries into Expo ones instead, and we have done exactly that this year. We may not be perfect, so if we get something wrong again in relation to the quality checks do let us know, we can refine it further for next year.

Sorry for the delay with the Expo list coming out, usually we have things posted a day or two after a deadline but Cinossu has been really busy with work to the point where it has been impossible to sit down and make a few adjustments himself as the site admin before the list can come out, otherwise there could be entries listed that have been marked for deletion by the submitter and that's the last thing we want to do. Only he knows what ones are in and are not, obviously that will get adjusted for next year. Working for money is far more important than a contest for free, so it's something we just have to accept. Very sorry for the delay caused, this was not what I wanted to happen and I can only apologise for how long it's taken to get this list of entries that won't be judged posted. We will be making sure that next year things do not become this seriously delayed, as it drags down quite a lot of things. Anyone who has followed the contest for years knows that occasionally there are some website related hiccups, so hopefully you can understand the delay.

Everything will be good to go on the 26th, and I have been told that the trailer is nearly done so we'll have that posted soon too. We also have a Mini Contest planned that will be posted when it is time to begin. Please wait and we will get there eventually!

3D Sonic Entries and Judges Update

Posted by Selbi @ 2018-10-30 11:09:48 User Image
I have the unfortunate news that I will skip being a judge for this year's contest. "Skip", not step down. It doesn't mean that I'm not interested in judging and won't do it the upcoming years either, quite the opposite actually. The issue this year arose when I took an early look at the list of SHC 2018 entries.

Without spoiling too much, for the first time ever, we have more entries for mods of 3D Sonic games than 2D ones. Back then it wasn't much of an issue, because the subset of 3D games was small. However, this year the number of entries is so large that I cannot judge them in an unbiased and fair manner.

You see, I've never completed any 3D Sonic game apart from SADX, because I really, really, really hate 3D Sonic games. That includes Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Generations, Unleashed, Colors, Lost Worlds, and don't even get me started on Forces. So it'd be unfaithful to any participant who submitted a mod for any of these games if I just took my preemptive bias and collectively disregarded them in favor of 16-bit games.

An idea was to plow through all the original games before the official judging process would begin, but in reality that wouldn't change anything. Your hard work and effort put into your Forces mod won't magically make Forces a game that I can enjoy any better.

So, to preserve the good sports and fair competition for the Sonic Hacking Contest, I will pass over my position as a judge to Melpontro, who has generously accepted to pick up the task for me and is also much more capable of proper judgment for 3D Sonic mods than me.

Submissions Deadline Expired - Trailer Update

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The deadline for Contest submissions has now expired, no more submissions can be made. If you still have something you want to show, please submit it to the Expo up to Sunday 11th November!

This week up to the end of Sunday 4th November (12am GMT on Monday 5th, 7pm EST Sunday 4th) is the update period for Contest submissions. After that, the judging will commence. 

A list will also be posted with all the Contest entries following that deadline, it'd be inappropriate to post it right now as by the end of this week we may have some entries moved to the Expo as a result of quality control or failing to submit a playable build before the deadline. Any entries that will be moved to the expo will be emailed regarding it and the reasons why.

Ryan from Tails Channel will now be making this year's trailer, taking over from redhotsonic who is experiencing some computer troubles at the moment. It is up to you to provide trailer clips - you show what you want to show, and we'll put it in the trailer. 

All we ask is that you keep it to 15 seconds per submission. For longer videos, you can show them as part of your contest or expo submission page. Please note that there is no guarantee that all of your video will be in the trailer. Longer videos can be added to your entry page.

Ryan has requested that all clips be submitted in MP4 format, in 1080p at 60fps if possible and in the game's respective aspect ratio. All videos must be attached and emailed to SonicNewsChannel[@]gmail[.]com with SHC in the subject title. Please also link your SHC page so we know it's an entry. If you have previously sent clips to RHS, they will be forwarded to Ryan. You have until the end of Sunday 11th November to get your clips in, get them in as soon as you can!

Remember, if you have multiple submissions this year, you have multiple clips you can make. If you've only got one, make those 15 seconds count! If you've got issues capturing video, feel free to ask someone you know to help out.

Taking part in the trailer is not compulsory but it allows for additional exposure before the contest week begins.


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All those who plan on entering the Contest have LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO SUBMIT. At 12am GMT on Monday (also known as 8pm EDT on Sunday, remember that the clocks are changing), no more submissions to the Contest will be possible but there is always the Expo, allowing you to still show off your work to the general public and of course our streamers.

We've had a varied selection of entries this year, and it appears there are more 3D entries submitted than ever before, which should be interesting. But the door is not closed yet, so if you want to take part in the Contest, you know what to do.

Do remember there is still the update period until the end of Sunday 4th November and judging will not commence until then - judges will however be looking at entries during the week to see if they fit the Quality Control Criteria.

Don't forget you need a full member account on either Sonic Retro or SSRG to submit an entry without manual veriifcation. If you are not a full member, follow the instructions on the very first news entry at the bottom of this page on how to get approved. It's not hard, so if you want in, get it done.

Also, don't forget to submit your entry's trailer clip to redhotsonic - the instructions are in a previous news post. Ideally, if you are submitting to the contest, you should have that sorted by the update deadline, but the video deadline is open to the end of Sunday 11th November just in case people are a little too busy finishing off their work to make a video.

Installation Instructions for PC Entries

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We have had some good entries submitted so far. 

Can I remind those with PC entries to provide installation instructions for their mods on their entry pages. Some have, whilst others haven't. 

We don't want issues that cropped up last year to happen again, so please state how to install your mod, whether it is for a specific mod loader or you just copy the entire contents to the game folder.
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