2P ShadowTH 2.0

By dreamsyntax

At SHC2018, this mod debuted with 'v1.1'. It mostly worked, but lots of levels and mechanics were still broken. This year v2.0 is ready, and it's packing a punch.

All levels are playable.

Players are no longer constrained to be within the same chunks. Camera issues are fixed.

Independent Respawns and Checkpoint Warping is here. Stability is way up.

The setup process has been simplified based on feedback from last year.

=== Setup ===

I highly recommend watching my 5 minute video which covers setting up the mod from nothing to a fully performance optimized setup.


Building the ISO

  1. Download the SHC2019 version of the mod
  2. Rename your 1:1 USA GC Shadow The Hedgehog ISO to GUPE8P.iso
  3. Move it to the ISO Patch folder, then double click Apply Patch.bat
  4. Your freshly modded ISO will output as 2PShdTH20190919.iso, and your original ISO will be saved under .\old

Configuring Dolphin

  1. Download a fresh development version (important) of Dolphin from https://dolphin-emu.org/download/
  2. Extract the zip and add a new empty file: portable.txt in the same directory Dolphin.exe is in.
  3. Open Dolphin, then close it (this generates the Dolphin\User folder)
  4. Move GUPE8P.ini to Dolphin\User\GameSettings\
  5. Optionally move 8P-GUPE-SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOG.gci to Dolphin\User\GC\USA\Card A for the 100% save file
  6. Open Dolphin, click Config in the UI Bar, and check "Enable Cheats"
  7. Close Config; Click Controllers and setup controllers for P1/P2 (and P3 if someone is going to control the Partner)
  8. Click Graphics, choose Backend (Direct3D 11) and set Aspect to 16:9
  9. Under the 'Hacks' tab in Graphics, ensure everything is checked/enabled
  10. Run the game, perform Emulated CPU Overclock optimization explained in the video at 4:08: https://youtu.be/MDhpZGMpLwk?t=248

=== Things to Know / Bugs ===

    • Airbug is the state where a player is stuck in the 'floating/air lifted' state even though they have left the fan/blower that triggers the state
    • Use Chaos Blast to break out of endless floating if you enter this glitched state
  • When using carType vehicles spam / double tap A to rapid accelerate and reduce air-friction
  • Chunk support is here; But note that chunks are visible in all viewports. There may be some overlapping geometry when splitting up (often skyboxes overlap other portions of the stage in this game for some reason).
  • Change characters:
    • Select 2P-VS, select characters, back out to the main menu at the 1-3 round select screen. Your character choices will carry over to 2P CO-OP.
  • Avoid dying on Space Gadget -- If a player dies and respawns near the other player it may incorrectly set the gravity of the dying player.
  • Z+L is Chaos Blast Activator, Z+R is Chaos Control Activator, Z+L+R is Clear Chaos Powers

=== Changelog ===

Ignore this section if you are just here to play the game.

  • Full level compatibility: all modes and levels 100% playable with two players
  • Individual Chunk support - Both players can wander anywhere free of distance constraints
  • Individual respawns
  • P2 can now pause/unpause
  • 1:1 misc/unknown bytes for level edits
  • Vehicles map to correct player's controlpad
  • Underflow fix for "ChaosPowers activate for both players"
  • Fix occasional endless shake issue with "Disable ScreenShake"
  • Partner (Sonic, Maria, Tails, etc) no longer despawn if P1 is not near P2 if P2 runs into them first
  • All bosses are free-cam and target closest player when attacking
  • Circus Park Hero Mission counts P2's rings
  • GUN Fortress Security Camera segments are free-cam
  • Fix culling issue for P2's screen when near force-fields / or near Vacuum effect (effect removed)
  • Key Doors, Westopolis Triggers, Computer Room react to P2
  • Android characters have unique JumpBall colors
  • Physics improved for GUNMech Jumpers
  • Physics improved for Cars (Spam / Double Tap A to rapid accelerate and reduce air-friction)
  • Downscale all stage and stage_gdt textures to reduce crashing
  • P2 can use Coaster/Pulley/Ziplines
  • Proper CameraHook for Turrets/Flyables/Vehicles
  • Devil Doom / Super for P2
  • Checkpoint Warping/Backtracking separate warping
  • Coaster/Pulley/Ziplines are modified to allow for rail-grinding.
  • Space Gadget Gravity Switchers Fixed* (Checkpoint warp/deaths may run into issues)
  • Vehicles/Turrets/Flyables Controls/Cams detect which player uses them by distance
  • P3/SLOT3 controls Mission Partner

=== Credits ===

While primarily my own work, DonutStopGaming contributed A LOT this year with reversing and writing gecko codes. His name has been added to the title screen.

Additional shoutout to UnclePunch and DRGN (and others) of the Smashboards hacking community for MCM and help with DOL Injection

Full credits on the github repo


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