Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris

By JotaroPowered

Since last SHC there have been a variety of updates to Legacy of Solaris, there are more custom layouts, many fixes, character balances and various other updates. The project is roughly about 70% complete, and nearing ever closer to it's final state, thank you to everyone who has been following this project. The playstation 3 version is deprecated and I do not recommend playing it. To install Legacy of Solaris onto your copy of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, you simply just replace the files in the extracted ISO with the ones you downloaded from the github.

Main Developers

Jotaro Powered - Lead Developer, Backstage Graphics Designer and Additional Content

HyperPolygon64 - Lead Graphics Designer, Software Engineer, Trailer Editor, Lost Legacy Helper Developer and PlayStation 3 Optimisation

Nonami - Graphics Designer, E3 HUD Creator and Tokyo Game Show Ring Shaders

Sable - PlayStation 3 Compatibility and Loading Screen Designer

darkhero1337 - Control Tweaking and Action Gauge Replenishment

Fate For Windows - Iblis Tweaks, Vehicle Health Meter Restoration and Action Gauge Restoration

Xeno Esquire - Mach Speed Sonic Improvements

Console Maintenance

Sable - PlayStation 3 Compatibility

HyperPolygon64 - PlayStation 3 Optimisation


HyperPolygon64 - Lead Graphics Designer

Jotaro Powered - Backstage Graphics Designer

Sable - Loading Screen Designer

Nico_ - Logo Illustrator and New Sonic the Hedgehog Eye Textures

Toru - E3 Loading Screen Assets and Kingdom Valley Cubemap

Bacon - New Kingdom Valley Skyboxes

Nonami - Graphics Designer, E3 HUD Creator and Tokyo Game Show Ring Shaders

VolcanoTheBat - Graphics Designer and E3 HUD Creator

Knuxfan24 - Tropical Jungle Extra Layout

Tool Developers

HyperPolygon64 - Sonic '06 Toolkit

Knuxfan24 - Sonic '06 Mod Manager

Shadow LAG - Sonic '06 SDK

g0ldenlink - ARC Unpacker

xose - ARC Repacker

Skyth - Various Tools


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Cinossu @ 2019-11-20 05:38:26

Small note to the devs here; in future, please make sure to link to the specific commit closest to the deadline if your link is to a GIT repository. While work has been done since on this mod, as this is a contest entry this should not be judged on changes done after said deadline(!) I have made the appropriate change to the download URL for this already this time.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sewer56 @ 2019-11-20 05:39:26

Signed, Sewer56 & Cinossu

Kuroro95 @ 2019-12-04 18:48:38

I tried to use Xenia 1.05-MLBS but the mod manager doesn't recognize it, what can I do?