Sonic Adventure 2 - Terios Conversion Mod

By DeeforTL

What if Shadow stuck with one of his concept designs and name? This mod recreates what this potentially could be like.

This mod not only changes the model of Shadow to one of the concept designs revealed for Shadow during Sonics 25th Anniversary, but also tries to minimise references to his name, changing it to his beta and filename: Terios.

So far, this mod changes:

  • Shadow's Model, alongside his light speed shoes upgrade model.
  • Super Shadow's Model, really buggy at the moment
  • His movement animations no longer use his skates, being the same run as Sonic
  • every mention of Shadow in-text is now Terios, except for recaps, as they are in the .exe
  • Many UI elements such as Shadow's life icon, several backgrounds,, buttons, Shadow's Menu Theme and Versus text are faithfully recreated substituting Terios in his place.

In later updates to this mod, even more will be altered, such as:

  • Cutscene voices. Every line mentioning Shadow by name will be replaced in Terios by Stand-ins.
  • Shadow's alternate costume.

The following is not present yet as there is no current way to do so:

  • 2 player character select model.
  • Cutscene models
  • Race Models


The porting process, the 2D UI elements, the swapped animations and the logo are done by DeeforTL

Thank Nibroc. Rock for doing some of the 3D UI elements, alongside the models

The 2D art of Terios is by SA2OAP

Special thanks to the people of the X-Hax Discord Server for troubleshooting.


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