SA2 - Shade the Echidna

By Justin113D

Shade the Echidna from Sonic Chronicles joins the SA2-Battle!

Now that SA2 Character modding is possible and a few models for other characters of the universe in the works, i wanted to add in a new participator too! And since i still have my WIP model of Shade for my project "Sonic Chronicles Remastered" at hand, i thought i'd give it a try and bring her into SA2, so i adjusted some parts to fit into the style of the game and modded her in to replace Tikal! I also managed to add an alternate costume (reachable through character select or character select plus) to tikals character slot through custom code, which i used for Shade wearing her mask (and removing the jiggle, which broke the model)!

The model itself is 100% fully custom, made by me, as there is no official model of her in any official game besides the NDS title Sonic Chronicles: The dark brotherhood. Generally, there is nothing special about the model itself besides it being custom and representing another character from the universe.

As for the textures though, i used an environment map for the entire armor which has defined normals in some places so that the metal effect looks as good as possible. The armor markings such as her insigna on her helmet glow in the dark. I also made her use pink punch particles, instead of the red ones.


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