Return of Metal

By Metal Shadow Productions

Return of Metal is Mod for Sonic Mania on PC, that brings new remastered stages to the Game. Also, the appearence of some Objects, Enemies and Bosses are changed, as well as Music.

After the events of Sonic Mania, and Eggman failing to beat Sonic again, Metal Sonic makes his own plans to defeat the blue Hedgehog. He sets up more dangerous traps and more difficult Bosses, trying to finish what his creator started. Can Sonic and his friends beat the metallic blue robot, or will they kneel before their master?

The mod contains 12 playable Acts:

  • Metallic Base (Green Hill/Sky Base crossover)
  • Null Space
  • Wing Fortress
  • Scrambled Egg Act 1
  • Sandopolis Act 1 (Oh, and you can destroy the ghosts now)
  • Aquatic Ruin (WIP, listed in the not so secret Level Select as a Bonus)

The not so secret Level Select can be selected in the normal one. (Thats why it's not so secret)


Credits Music:

Metallic Base Act 1: Tee Lopes

Metallic Base Act 2: Dizcrybe

Wing Fortress Act 2: Dr. Reverbnik

Sandopolis Act 1: Bouncy Glow's Music Room


Credits Sprites:

Neo Metal Sonic Stature by: Bendelin/Phoenix



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