Sonic Mania: Advanced Quest

By Balibali_418

Welcome to Sonic Mania: Advanced Quest!

This is a mod that aims to make a playthrough of Sonic Mania harder, or atleast a bit different of an experience.

[Check the Readme.txt!!! please...]

In this Pack there are 2 versions:

Standard Mode: The base mod.

Easy Mode: You have infinite lives (I recommend only using this version if you get frustrated too much with the standart version.)

You can play as any Characters, EXCEPT KNUCKLES!

Basic Info:

  • All checkpoints are rempved except before bosses
  • Each Zone has a new palette
  • The Zone order is changed
  • Every Zone/act has a either a new gimmick, asthetic change or act order change (all with some different object placements)
  • Max control (dropdash + Insta-shield + Super Peelout) is enabled by default.
  • The Checkpoint Bonus Games are deactivated.

Here's the list of all the changes/additions:

  1. Green Hill Zone: Both acts are flooded, but there are plenty of bubbles around the stages. (You drown a bit faster in act 2).
  2. Stardust Speedway Zone: Both acts and the boss is flipped upside down with edited layouts, so it1s actually playable.
  3. Press Garden Zone: Act 1 is outside, Act 2 has a snowstorm, which pushes you (like in FBZ)
  4. Chemical Plant Zone: Both acts are being corrupted by the Phantom Ruby (yeah, it's a weird gimmick, I couldn't really do anything else with this stage, sadly).
  5. Hydrocity Zone: Both acts have no water (basically an improved version of my "dried out Hydrocity" mod).
  6. Studiopolis Zone: Both acts are flipped Horizontally.
  7. Flying Battery Zone: Both acts are always outside and have the Storm at all times (except in a few places in act 2 where it wouldn't really work).
  8. Mirage Saloon Zone: MSZ has 3 acts now: Act 1: Act 1K (modified, so it's completeable as any character), Act 2: Act 1E, Act 3: Act 2, but now it has a sandstorm, which pushes you.
  9. Oil Ocean Zone: Act 1 has the smoke, submarines and pullswitched, Act 2 has double smog (basically, when it starts draining rings, it removes 2 at a time).
  10. Lava Reef Zone: Act 1 and act 2 have been swapped and you fight both bosses in Act 3.
  11. Metallic Madness Zone: You are in chibi from in the entire Act 1, also in act 2, except for when you have to use the twisters to go behind the curtains.
  12. Titanic Monarch Zone: In act 1 you go from the Top of the stage to the bottom, Act 2's 4 sections are all different gimmicks.
  13. Egg Reverie Zone: The rings fly in less frequently.


  • Concept and development: Balibali
  • Title screen sprite and SCH logo: WizToad



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