SA2 - Character Select PLUS

By Justin113D & MainMemory

Pressing specific buttons for specific characters is too complicated? Well then you're in luck!

Based on MainMemories SA2CharSel mod, Character Select PLUS goes one step further and adds in an entirely new menu which lets you choose a character of the entire roster that sa2 has available! You can also press X or Y when selecting a character to enable the alternate costume (the red selection frame will turn cyan)! Everything that is not part of the stage select menu will still work like it did in the original SA2CharSel mod (like the 2P character selection), where you press specific buttons/keys to switch characters.

As the title indicates, this mod is basically just an enhancement of MainMemorie's SA2CharSel mod (which is why we'd make this a team entry if possible). Basically the entirety of Main's code is reused, with a few bugfixes. The only major difference is that i completely reverse engineered the functions responsible for handling input and displaying the stage selection menu, so that i could recreate and modify them, with success! Thing is that this mod actually existed for longer than a year now, but was very broken as i wasnt the best programmer when i made this, but now that custom character models are on the rise, i decided to fix all issues and include all features that the character select mod received through updates.

Since the mod already includes a lot of means that to run this mod, the original SA2CharSel mod has to be turned off (if it was active before). It is also important that the mod is listed last in the modloader, as other mods might modify the texture file used by the mod, which would result in a crash. Only exception being mods with a compatible texture file (like Darkybenjis blaze mod, which has a variant with compatible texture file)

The only real issue right now is that the textures glitch out and swap around after exiting a stage, which is currently being investigated.


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