SA2: Blazy Mix

By Darkybenji

Sonic Adventure 2: Blazy Mix is a mod where you can play as Blaze the Cat, by default she take over Sonic, but also can take over Amy

The mod contain the character and some extra codes for a better experience with Blaze

I remodel the character to fit with the game style, edited over 75 voices clip, and edited the menu to add her life icon, select map image and the title screen (both Battle and no battle version)

as a Blaze Fan, i put my effort into this mod and changed everything i could for the first version release!

the mod SA2 Blazy Mix Contain:

  • Blaze The Cat, with her Custom Animation!
  • Her Alternate Skin: Lunar Blaze from Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
  • Burning Blaze, Both for Levels and Final Story!
  • A Code that allow you to play as Blaze in any Shadow Stages
  • Another Code That Make Blaze Replacing Amy Instead of Sonic, if you want to keep Sonic
  • A Optional Code that Change Blaze Physic: She's a little Slower than Sonic/Shadow but she have a Higher and Good Acceleration Jump
  • Another Optional Code That Allow you to Boost by Using Rings with Y
  • and a Code that allow you use her Alternate Skin: Lunar Blaze, on Single Player by Holding A after select a level

I also tried to put her Fire drill but the game do not work well with it, so i did my own thing for her: Fire Spindash

which is basically a spindash on fire that lightup in the dark, that's kinda the best way to fit her

Thank you for reading it and have fun!


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