Sonic Adventure 2: Randomizer

By Prahaha

Sonic Adventure 2 Randomizer (SA2Rando or SA2R) is a mod of the PC Steam Version of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The aim of the project is to randomize as much as possible in the game, while maintaining the playability of it with the help of some tweaks to the gameplay. With everything from chao to kart tracks, from voice lines to enemies, from mission requirements to missing chao locations, and so much more, there is always a new adventure to be had.


Sonic Adventure 2 Randomizer started development in late 2018. Initially, Prahaha was the sole developer and builds were slow. The code was based off of MainMemory’s SA2CharSelect mod with only a few minor tweaks, with the help of consulting developer OnVar, to randomize the character and story order. Stages were designed to be universal for all characters to clear the same stage, which made for pretty bland gameplay at times. It was here BoostedBandCamp stepped in to spice up the levels and speed up the process, and to this day is responsible for every modern object layout the project uses. TommyeAsY, who had enjoyed playing the mod, stepped in to test and provide feedback for all development and would become the Q&A tester and international liaison…

And so it began…

With the help and feedback of an ever-growing community and an additional consulting developer, MainMemory, SA2R continues to constantly push the boundaries of SA2 to provide new features that enhance the experience. Whether a casual player, content creator, or a speedrunner, SA2R provides a new and fresh take on a classic game, ever-changing hurdles, and moments of pure hilarity. The beauty of it all; despite several thousand hours playing, testing, and developing this project, gameplay continues to be fun and cutscenes continue to induce painful laughter all while being able to beat the game, and in theory even get all 180 emblems with most setting combinations.

Full documentation will be included in the latest download!


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