Amy Adventure 2

By Team Amy

It's back, and with more Amy than ever! This mod, for those who don't know, is aimed at replacing every playable character in Sonic Adventure 2 with Amy.

With the advent of custom models in SA2 mods, we have now replaced Tails and Eggman in their mechs with Amy, as well as replacing the Chao in the mechs with Amy Chao. This applies ingame and in the 2P Battle menu. Thanks to MrMcScrewup for making the models, and Shadowth117 for the custom textures for the Cyclone.

I (MainMemory) changed the Chao to always be Amy Chao, End User ported Amy's model over mechless Eggman and fixed up his animations, and Shadowth117 has also made a custom head model and textures for Omochao.

Special Thanks to Justin113D for making the new high-res 1up/life icon.

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blaa666 @ 2019-12-04 19:13:48

I love Amy!