Modern SA2: Complete Edition


WELCOME THE THE NEXT LEVEL of Sonic Adventure 2 modding!

Music, sound effects, textures, animations, models: Modern SA2: Complete Edition has it all! Music from Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man PS4, Burnout Paradise, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces, Doctor Who, and other sources have been implemented into the game!


Before downloading this mod, please download the following mods as MSA2 depends on them and without them you won't get the intended look and it'll crash without No Battle!

> - HD GUI

> - Menu Overhaul

> - No Battle

> - Cutscene Revamp

See the images on here so you know how to order and configure the mods*

For now, 2P sound effects aren't completed, but will be implemented fully when this releases to make it compatible with the Character Select PLUS mod!

I also have a PayPal too! Feel free to smash that donate button whenever you want on the Gamebanana page xoxo

With that outta the way, enjoy!Voice Changes-------------------------Essentially, it's entire 4Kids cast, excluding Tails.So in this mod, Tails uses his current voice (Colleen).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Character Models and Animations---------------------------------------------------------Sonic - Gens model with an Unleashed mouth model, Chip's bracelet and a neat Lightspeed upgrade modelShadow - Forces modelTails - Gens and Forces model (will be using the complete Forces model in the final version, I couldn't get his Forces body mesh to work properly and the editing the mech model makes shooting almost impossible)Jumpball models and the aura models have been updated too> New walk, jogging and running animation cycle for Sonic (resembles the Generations cycle... kinda)> New Generations idle stance for Sonic> New Forces idle stance for Shadow> New jumping and jump spin animations (matches the current one)> Fixed the speed of Rouge's animation so her animation no longer plays faster than her actual speed> New braking and somersault 1 animations (they use the Gens sliding animation)> SPEEPS' custom somersault fix from MSA2 (maintains speed when somersaulting and randomises homing voice clips for Sonic)> Tweaked Shadow's hand position when playing the top speed skating animation------------------------Stage Textures------------------------City EscapeMetal HarbourGreen ForestPyramid CaveFinal RushGreen HillRadical HighwayWhite JungleFinal ChaseAquatic MineWild CanyonDry LagoonMad SpaceMission StreetAll space stages received major skybox upgrades!Sonic vs Shadow 1 (Jungle)Sonic vs Shadow 2 (Space)-----------------------------------------------------------------Stage Layouts - Graphical changes (G), fixes (F) and additions (A)------------------------

City Escape (A)Metal Harbour (A)Green Forest (G, A)Pyramid Cave (G, A, F)Final Rush (F, A)

Dry Lagoon and White Jungle will be receiving a graphical upgrade in terms of grass particles being realistically placed in the finalised version!------------------------Music Changes------------------------Stage BGM - NOTE: IIEz2 gave us permission to use his remixes for MSA2!-------------------Aquatic Mine*** - Drip Jockey remix by IIEz2City Escape 1 and 3 - City Escape Act 2 (Sonic Generations)City Escape 2 - Mad Convoy Race (Sonic Generations)Crazy Gadget - remix from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2012Death Chamber*** - a metal remix on YT by IIEz2Final Rush - a remix on YT by ToxicxEternityGreen Hill (hidden stage) - Green Hill Act 2 Fast (Sonic Generations)Green Forest - a metal remix on YT by ToxicxEternityHidden Base *Metal Harbour - That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbour (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)Meteor Herd*** - Hero Squad remix by IIEz2Mission Street *Pyramid Cave - Keys The Pyramid (SAME remix)Radical Highway - Radical Highway Act 1 (Sonic Generations)Sky Rail - Mr. Unsmiley... for Sky Rail (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)White Jungle - Eggman's Facility (Sonic Forces - OST version)Lost Colony**- Aquatic Base remix on YTCosmic Wall *Final Chase - Turbine Loop (Team Sonic Racing)Kart Racing - Sky Road (Team Sonic Racing)Cannon's Core 1 - Cosmic Fall (Shadow the Hedgehog)Cannon's Core 2 - The Last Way (Shadow the Hedgehog)Cannon's Core 3 - Mortar Canyon (Sonic Forces)Cannon's Core 4 - Network Terminal - Interior (Sonic Forces)*For Tails' stages, expect to hear remixes from the Sonic Advance series**For Eggman's stages, expect to hear music that fits Eggman's grave personality***Knuckles uses really good remixes for his music---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Events-------------------------------------------------------------Event 2 - The Interrogation (edited) (Detroit: Become Human)Event 3 - Throw Away the Key (Doctor Who S8)Event 4 (Sonic v. Shadow, Hero Story) - an edited version of Hello Hello (Doctor Who S8)Event 5 (Hero Story ending scene) - Nothing Can Contain Us (Sonic Forces)Event 6 - We're Still Going to Kill You (Doctor Who S8)Event 7 - The One in a Thousand (Doctor Who S9)Event 8 - I Trust You (Detroit: Become Human)Event 9 - A Sacrifice To Save You (Efisio Cross) - for Shadow and Maria CutscenesEvent 10 (Madness - Before they go all Super Saiyan) - Sun of Despair (Sonic Forces)Event 11 (going super) - It Doesn't Matter x Live and Learn intro (Sonic and the Black Knight)Event 12 (Chaos Control - Last Story Ending scene) - Valor and Wonder (Sonic Forces)Event 13 (Last Story ending/credits) - I Am Markus (Detroit) and Spider-Man (Spider-Man PS4)------------------------------------------------------Multiplayer Stages BGM--------------------------------------Downtown Race - Blue Coast Zone Act 3 (Sonic Rivals 2)City Escape - City Escape Act 2 (Sonic Generations)Grind Race - Arsenal Pyramid 1 (Sonic Forces)Metal Harbour - That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbour (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)Radical Highway - Radical Highway Act 1 (Sonic Generations 3DS)White Jungle - Eggman's Facility (Sonic Forces - OST version) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Menu BGM------------------Title - Live and Learn slightly edited so you know the mod's activeMenu select - System - Start Screen (Team Sonic Racing)Story Select - Green Light Ride before the vocals kick in loop (TSR)Stage Select - Green Light Ride (Instrumental Chorus) (TSR)Options - System - Main Menu /(TSR)2P Battle Select - Battle Menu (Sonic and the Black Knight)Tutorial - Tips (TSR)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jingles-------------Invincible - Invincible (Sonic Generations) now with added sound effectsSpeed Up - Fist Bump for Null Space EDIT (Sonic Forces) now with a bit more bassTimer (Drowning) - Drowning (Sonic Colours)Continue/Game Over - Will You Continue (Sonic Generations) + Continue (Sonic Runners)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boss Battles--------------------Boss GUN Mobile - Boss: Blue Falcon (Shadow the Hedgehog)Boss 2 Egg Golem - vs. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)Boss 2A King Boom Boo - Battle with Death Queen (Sonic Forces)Boss 3 - Tails vs. Eggman - Now (Detroit: Become Human) (this songs is used in a cutscene too where Soni uses Chaos Control for the first time)Boss 4 (Sonic vs. Shadow in Green Forest/White Jungle) - uses a remix on SoundcloudSonic vs. Shadow- For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2) - Remixed version on YoutubeBiolizard - Supporting Me (Sonic Forces, Episode Shadow DLC)Finalhazard - Vs Nega-Wisp Armour Phase 1 (Sonic Colours)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Character Themes---------------------------Sonic - It Doesn't Matter 2.014K remixShadow - a remixed version on YTAmy - uses a house remix on YTEggman - uses a remix on YTKnuckles - uses a remix on YT Tails uses Emi Jones' remix of the SA2 Tails themeRouge - uses a remix on YT


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Before y'all knock yourselves out with this mod, please make sure to grab the latest version of my models mod as they'll be used in the final game and because these models are more or less finalised compared to the models shown here!