HD GUI: SA2 Edition

By Speeps

When SA2 was re-released, some graphics were remade at higher resolution. Not all of them though, so you'd find a lot of randomly blurry graphics. This adds new, higher res (mostly 2x) remakes done by either remaking the graphic from scratch, bringing in higher res sources or editing upscales.


  • Emblems
  • HUD: Gameplay
  • HUD: Kart
  • Item Boxes
  • End of Level Tally
  • Menu: Boss Attack
  • Menu: Emblem Result
  • Menu: File Select
  • Menu: Kart Race
  • Menu: Non-DLC Backgrounds
  • Menu: DLC Default Background
  • Menu: Options
  • Menu: Sound Test
  • Menu: Stage Select
  • Menu: Story Select
  • Pause Menu
  • SEGA/Sonic Team Logos
  • Title Cards: Character Swirls
  • Title Screen: Non-DLC
  • Title Screen: DLC

There are numerous config options that allow you personalize the mod, choosing between Dreamcast, GameCube or vanilla graphics:

  • In-Level Button Prompts
    • Dreamcast
    • GameCube
    • Vanilla
  • Item Boxes
    • Dreamcast
    • GameCube
    • Vanilla
  • Kart Race Characters
    • Dreamcast (Custom)
    • Dreamcast Life Icons
    • GameCube/Vanilla
  • Lives
    • Dreamcast
    • GameCube (Custom)
    • Vanilla
  • Options Menu Buttons (File Select/Sound/Rumble)
    • Dreamast
    • GameCube
    • Xbox 360/Vanilla

By default the game chooses graphics that best match the Dreamcast or GameCube version, depending on whether the Battle DLC is running or not. If you have NoBattle, make sure that's loaded before this so the mod can account for it.

Some options in the config are custom-made, eg: "GameCube" lives uses the icons seen in SA2B GC's 1up boxes, which were never given life icons in the original game. These are never used on the 'Auto' setting and must be selected manually.

(Optional: Comic Sans and Impress font files are in the download but need to be inserted directly into the game's gd_PC folder, the Modloader can't insert them properly. Don't worry, there are backups for you as well)


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Speeps @ 2019-11-24 08:12:18

Forgot to add this: If you're running the game using integrated graphics (eg. Laptop) the game may crash after the Hero Intro cutscene. (at least, may happen elsewhere too)

It's not a bug caused by this mod, it's the game being screwy with loading pak files on integrated graphics. As far as I know, there's no real way around it yet other than playing on a system that doesn't run integrated.

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