E-102 Gamma over Mech Eggman

By Shadowth117

E-102 Gamma is back now for Sonic Adventure 2 and he's picked up some new upgrades along the way from Chaos Gamma (Sonic Battle). This mod has custom models for Eggman's base weapons and upgrades as well as some new animations for what didn't fit Mech Eggman's original set. This is also the first mod to use a completely different skeleton and animation set for SA2! It's usable in all places that normal Mech Eggman or Tails work just fine although 2p mode can crash when he uses special attacks. His special attacks should be functional in story boss fights though. Currently, there are not voice clips and Gamma is unusable in chao garden, but that may be updated in the future. Most voice clips don't function properly with character select mods active in any case. Enjoy!


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File Size: Unknown

JadeSapphira @ 2019-12-04 02:28:54

God this is super duper impressive and a leap forward for SA2 modding, but christ is it upsetting to play as gamma with sa2 mech controls. My poor robot boi, ruined by the worst controls

TargetToad @ 2019-12-04 21:24:41

At least the physics swap mod exits and you can (kinda) get the SA1 gamma controls