Sonic '06 - Lost in Translation

By Knuxfan24

A silly little project inspired by Mods like Metroid Prime - Google Translate Edition & old bootlegs like Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal. This text mod for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006) thoroughly mangles the game's already messy script by taking pretty much every piece of English text in the game (save for a few graphics), translating them to a different language in Google Translate then translating the result again. This process was repeated 35 times, converted back to English then stuck into the game.

This can be thought of more as a demonstration for GerbilSoft's MST06 tool (, as it was required to make text editing on this level possible.


This mod is optimised for the Sonic '06 Mod Manager, which can be found here: Indepth information on usage can be found here: (Please don't use Vulkan if your system is capable of running the game on DirectX 12. The amount of people we've had to explain that old video guides are outdated to is worrying.)


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