Mario 64 Mario in SA2

By Shadowth117

Replaces Sonic with Mario's N64 incarnation, including voice clips for everything! The voice clipping includes cutscenes though mileage may vary there. Note that you may need to turn off other mods that replace sounds or voices in order to get the full experience. This unfortunately includes MainMemory's character select at the moment due to limitations of the game.In the case you'd rather download the skin without the extra baggage in sound files, I've also included a lite version of the download, though I recommend the full version if it's reasonable.I may expand upon this in the future, but it's a fairly complete skin in my eyes. Suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!MainMemory, Exant, and Justin113D all worked together to make model modding more of a reality and now we can bring in legit model mods and in general do model mods more easily for these games. Props to all of them, and TGE who really sparked a lot of this. Thanks too to Skyth for enabling simple .csb editing.


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