Ray in Sonic 1 Version 1.1

By Iso Kilo

Ray in Sonic 1 is another simple character hack similar to ones created in the mid-2000's. This takes the Sonic Mania Plus incarnation of Ray the Flying Squirrel and puts him into Sonic the Hedgehog. It should be noted that this is not a remake/continuation/sequel to FabChaotix' 2007 rendition of Ray in Sonic 1, this is it's own entity.

The project started August 3rd, 2019. In which I showcased a video of an extremely buggy version of Ray's gliding. Slowly over time, it developed more and more into the hack it is today. Version 1.0 was released on SSRG on October 4th, 2019. However this release was not complete. It was most noticable at the end in which Ray would pop back to being Sonic, and the credits text was a bit of a mess. So SMS Alfredo, the co-creator, and I decided to fix it up for SHC.

Differences from V 1.0:

  • Ray's palette was altered to have the original blues of Sonic 1 so other art looks mostly the same.
  • The new route in Marble Zone 3 is complete, and it is a real challenge. Designed for those who have gotten Ray's new physics down perfectly.
  • Water palettes have been altered to look more fitting. These palettes were even created by FabChaotix, the creator of the original Ray in Sonic 1!
  • Ray's gliding is now slower underwater.
  • The ending sequence now only contains Ray, no sudden Sonic transformations anymore!
  • The credits have now been fixed, and are legible.


  • The usual moveset is here, running, rolling, jumping and whatnot. I mean, what would a Sonic game be without it?
  • Like any ROM hack of Sonic 1, Ray in Sonic 1 adds the spindash. It controls exactly how you expect it to, hold down and mash the jump button to build up speed. Then let go of down and blast away.
  • To glide, press and hold the jump button after a jump, then press right or left to dive and raise. The longer you dive, the faster you go and the higher you can reach while rising. The longer you rise, you'll get slower.


  • The level select and debug mode code are left untouched from Sonic 1.
  • Playing '9F' on the sound test will bring you straight to the ending sequence, with the good ending.

Currently known bugs:

  • Using the glide, it is possible to do a zip. You must reach a high spot and essentially dive as much as possible.
  • On the last screen where Dr. Robotnik either juggles the Chaos Emeralds or pouts, there is a mess of tiles along the top of the screen.


  • Iso Kilo - Creator, general artist and programmer.
  • SMS Alfredo - Co-creator, glide move programmer, Marble Zone Act 3 layout designer.
  • Vladikcomper - Created jumpdash code which was used as a base for the gliding.
  • AsuharaMoon - Aid with implementation of the "Ray the Flying Squirrel In" banner.
  • Outer - Title screen artist.
  • FabChaotix - Water palettes

Credits for those who made the widely used tutorials and tools can be found at the end of the game.

Here's a fun challenge for everyone: Try to beat my time record on Green Hill Zone Act 1 - It currently stands at 14 seconds.


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walter777 @ 2019-12-03 20:18:47

a good add into the sonic 1 roster its great to see ray get some attention

Ultimatron_X @ 2019-12-04 02:40:42

I can't help but think: I wonder if someone could make a Mania-Based Mighty in Sonic 1 hack and combine it with this hack and Sonic 1 Mania Edition (by Baraksha), calling it Sonic 1 Mania Plus Edition Extended or something? Like how Sonic Classic Heroes came to be a few years ago? Anyways, Great Job on this hack, I can see a lot of similarities with Mania. Hoping to see more updates in the future.

Last modified by Ultimatron_X @ 2019-12-04 02:41:42

Iso Kilo @ 2019-12-04 12:21:45

I've been asked for "Mighty in Sonic 1" or "Sonic 1 Mania" so many times. It won't happen. Ray in Sonic 1 was a one time deal. I'd rather focus on more original projects in the future.

Alzter @ 2019-12-04 19:55:58

Very cool, only criticism is Ray's ascent when flying is a bit too sudden, needs to be a bit smoother. Overall very cool though.