Motobug in Sonic Mania

By JamBurger

Miss Motobug in Sonic 1? Motobug in Sonic Mania is here! Play as the Fastest Hedgehog Slowest Badnik and blast through zones! If you are a true Polygon Jim fan, this is just the thing for you!

These are the things that are changed in this Amazing mod!:

  • Sonic is replaced with the best sonic character Motobug!
  • The Menus are changed for a bit of flare! Same with almost everything!
  • Hey guys did you know that this is a tribute to Polygon Jim?
  • Some of Tee Lopes' music is replace with some classy music from older games!
  • Did you hate the slower speed from the original? It's back! Cry in tears!
  • There is a Special Stage model coming soon in November 21st 2019! Look for an update on the GB page to see!
  • Jumping and rolling are seperate animations! Isn't that cool?!

Other people helped this too! Here is a few to credit!

  • Orbyy - The snazzy promotional art!
  • BendyFanDeveloper & Troopsushi - Made a handful of sprites (Noticeably the Save Select icon, Title Screen Motobug, & Signpost)
  • SonicFan214 - Ripping sprites on TSR
  • Eishi & The Ultimate - Model Help
  • CodeNameGamma - DLL FILE Help
  • Thank you so much Polygon Jim for inspiring us!

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JamBurger @ 2019-12-07 18:49:34

So here is something about special stagesand the mod in general, No, there is not going to be an update Nov 21st nor it's gonna be on gamebanana. Instead a full version of this will release on May 18th 2020 (Polygon Jim's anniversary.)