SA2 - Chao Data Menu Mod

By Justin113D

Struggling with breeding chao? Tired of going to the Doctor 10 times a minute? Well have i got some news for you!

I know that most fans looking for sonic mods here are not the biggest Chao fans, but this mod took too much effort to pull off to not put in here: Presenting the Chao Data Menu mod! When i started modding a year ago, i noticed that many people used Fusion's Chao editor to view the Chao's stats while raising and breeding them, but i thought "there must be a better way"! So i sat down, and made it my goal to add an entire menu from scratch, by hooking onto the render engine and drawing the sprites using SA2's directx implementation, with which you could check out the stats of your chao directly ingame!

Firstly, to access the Menu, you need to be in the Chao garden and hold the chao of choice in your hands. When doing so, go to the pause menu and select "CHAO DATA MENU". This will open an entirely custom menu, composed of 4 tabs:

1 : The red tab displays the basic stats of the chao. The name, type, garden, age, reincarnations, alignments and the stats values. It contains the basic stats to know about the chao. The stat alignments are even compatible with CWE's monster chao (the ends of a bar will turn golden when the chao reaches a monster state)

2 : The green tab holds all visual attributes about the chao: The visual attributes of the chao and the body parts

3 : The blue tab lets you know the behavioural traits of your chao, which to say the least are a LOT. The Chao system, as complex as it is, has a lot of variables for the chao, determining how they behave. These can be categorized into Bonds, Personality, Emotions and Health. There are so many variables, that a second page is necessary to display them all (as noted at the bottom of the page)

4 : The yellow tab tells you the genetic code of your Chao, which can be passed on to the child of the chao

If you are familiar with chao, then these variables shouldnt be new to you, but nontheless it is nice to know how the inside of your chao looks (the data in the ram, not the organs o.o), even if these arent all stats that a chao holds (some were discovered after i made the mod a year ago), but it definitely contains the most important traits.


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