Team Entries and Last Day of Contest Submissions

By Spanner @ 2019-11-10 08:21:47

If you want your entry/entries marked as a Team entry send me a DM to Cinossu on Discord (link at bottom of page) with the entries in question, what you want as a team name, and all the members you want on said team. All members should already have users on the SHC site, and all members will be able to edit any team entry they're on the team of.

Today is the last day before the Contest Submissions Deadline. Please ensure you have marked your entry as Completed by the deadline, otherwise they will be moved to the Expo. Judging commences after the deadline has expired.

Also, any entry that the Judges feel are more suited to the Expo will also be moved. Remember that people have until the end of Sunday 17th November to have something submitted fully to the Expo.

Please note that the Expo will not be used just for any entry and if Judges feel that an entry is not suitable for showing in the Expo for failing many aspects of the Quality Control Criteria, it will be removed entirely.

Anyone who has wanted to submit this year has been aware of the deadlines since at least March. There's still time to get something in the Expo if you have anything to show off. There have been many things shown off over the year on here and elsewhere, they would certainly be welcomed to be submitted should you want to, even though they won't be judged, there's always next year if they are ongoing projects that can be continued. Without any doubt, the audience and download traffic for the Contest Week is the most highest you will get for any Sonic hack or mod these days, just like SAGE is for fan games, so use it to your advantage if you want more people to see your work.

Before anyone asks, the list of Contest entries won't be posted until the Expo deadline, as we will be posting both lists at the same time. I'm sure you can hold on for another week.