Sonic Hacking Contest 2017 RESULTS

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There will be a page going up shortly with all the trophies but for now please look at this video from Tails Channel to find out who won as well as the forum threads below.

There are still a few more videos to be posted in regards to official media content and previous streams but they will be posted once the front page lag due to embeds have been fixed. 

All Contest entries will also receive evaluations from judges very shortly, they have not been forgotten about, just got to get them on the website along with a few other fixes. 

Don't forget to send us your evaluation of the Contest Week and what we should do for next year - go to the Feedback link above. Submissions will close at the end of Sunday 3rd December.

Sonic Retro:
Sonic Stuff Research Group:
Sonic Fan Games HQ:
Sonic Stadium Message Board:

Contest Week Evaluation and This Weekend's Streams

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Just like last year, we want YOUR feedback on this year's Contest Week as well as providing suggestions on what we can look at for next year.

This year, we have had a rather positive Contest Week that has been a complete 180 from last year, not to mention how we have had little issues with the website, but of course we want your opinions.

Please complete the form by going to the Feedback tab at the top of the page; we will have the form open for a few weeks so if you don't have time to do it right now, please do it when you can.

Also don't forget to cast your Community Trophy votes before the end of Saturday 25th November at Midnight EST.
All you need to do is sign up for an account and go to the entries you want to vote for to cast your votes.
No verification is required so you should not have an issue casting your votes. 

And with that being said here are the remaining streams for the weekend:
Saturday: AntDude at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST and a bonus stream from coopercastille at 12am GMT / 8pm EST / 4pm PST
Sunday: Live Results Show with MegaGWolf playing the winning entries at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST

Thanks for being a part of the Contest Week this year, it is very much appreciated! Sonic 1 Colors Edition

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Sonic Hacking Contest 2017 - RadicalSoda Honeybun

Posted by Spanner @ 2017-11-24 13:05:45 User Image A Generic Sonic 1 ROMhack

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Friday Stream Schedule

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If you're noticing any slowdown on this page, it's because of the many video embeds that are loading. Any other page on this website will load very quickly. We'll have a dedicated page set up for official media content next year, but for now if you miss any streams, go to those videos to catch up.

1pm GMT / 8am EST / 5am PST: Sonic SCANF (in Russian)
7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST: AntDude
9pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST: MegaGWolf
12am GMT / 7pm EST / 4pm PST: Neo Hazard

Also, a reminder to cast your Community Trophy votes before the end of Saturday. Sign up for an account, no verification required.

Links to Previous Streams

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NOTE: Although it will be Thanksgiving in the United States on Thursday, we are still running a full schedule with Sonic SCANF, MegaGWolf, SomecallmeJohnny and coopercastille. Please refer to a previous post for the times, same as Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy the turkey day!

We know some people can't make the live streams, so here are the links to the streams that have been done so far. You will need to copy and paste the links to your browser as hyperlinks or YouTube embeds don't work on the news entry system currently but will in the future. This post will be updated when newer streams are archived as videos.

Monday - 
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Monday - 
Tuesday - 
Sonic SCANF (in Russian):
Friday - 
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Friday Part 1 - 
Friday Part 2 - Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate

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Quick Note on Community Trophies

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Just to remind people about Community Trophy voting, because there's always a few people who do this with certain trophies.

The Crystal Egg Trophy is for the best 8-bit submission and Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate, which a few votes exist for that trophy, is a 16-bit entry.

You can change your vote if you made that mistake. Sonic Legacy and Sonic 1 Comet Edition

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Sonic Legacy

Sonic 1 Comet Edition

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Stream Schedule

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1pm GMT / 8am EST / 5am PST: Sonic SCANF (in Russian)
9pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST: MegaGWolf
12am GMT / 7pm EST / 4pm PST: SomecallmeJohnny
3am GMT / 10pm EST / 7pm PST: coopercastille Metal Sonic Rebooted

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More videos from sonicyoda coming soon.


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The Contest Week has started, you can now download all the entries from the Hacking Contest and Hack Expo, and be able to vote on the Community Trophies too.

At the time of publishing, the comments section isn't up yet but it will be soon. 

All you need to vote is sign up for an account - you do not need to be verified to do this.

Here are the streams happening on Monday:
7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST: redhotsonic
9pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST: MegaGWolf
12am GMT / 7pm EST / 4pm PST: SomecallmeJohnny
5:30am GMT / 12:30am EST / 9:30pm PST (wrongly said as 7:30pm PST on Twitter, whoops): The Geek Critique

If you run into any issues, join the Discord server and report them in the #site_issues channel. You can join Discord by clicking on the Discord logo at the bottom of the page.

Media Panel Announcement Videos

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We've got many people on the Media Panel this year, who are our official media people. As well as the regulars from previous years we have some new additions too. A few people not announced are still sorting out their stream times and there will be also be some who are just making videos or other content. In any case, here are the videos to watch so far. Additional videos if they are made will be posted when they happen. So yeah, what you see below isn't just what's going to be going on.

And of course there is nothing stopping anyone else from doing anything unofficial with the contest entries, it's just that we won't be promoting it.

Here are the videos (and sorry for the lateness with posting a few of these):



AquelGamerMexicano‏ (in Spanish)

Sonic SCANF (in Russian)

The stream schedule for Monday will be posted later.

Hack Expo List of Entries

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Here is the lineup for the Hack Expo. Obviously bear in mind that these entries are not judged and therefore there may be the occasional entry that may not interest you that much or be of a lower quality than the usual standard. Only one entry was thrown out, the rest are good for show. And yes, you may notice a certain entry in this. The fact that we were able to get that in is quite remarkable for the Hack Expo, you should enjoy all the entries on show this year.

● Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition ~ Promotional Demo by Royameadow
● SADX Physics Swap Mod by MainMemory
● SA2 Physics Swap Mod by MainMemory
● Mario Mania by metalkingboo
● Sonic.EXE Mania by haloarbiter117
● Spider-Hog Mania by PotterAndMatrixFan
● S3K/SKC Random Special Stages by MainMemory
● S3K Mania Special Stages by MainMemory
● SADX SMPS Mod by MainMemory
● Mania SMPS Mod by MainMemory
● Mania Random Bonus Mod by MainMemory
● Sonic 2 Fine2uned by Clownacy
● Sonic: The Return of Shadow by JoenickROS
● Sonic 1: Terra Night by SonicBurst
● Sonic's Fun and Easy Adventure by Novedicus
● Sticks by Slashy
● Sonic Limbo by lordxernom
● Aurora Garden (Sonic Mania) by AeroArtwork
● Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut (BETA) by gamehut
● Super Sonic & Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1 by Clownacy
● Sonic Lost World - Snowball Joyride by Dario
● Sonic Generations - Classic Green Hill Zone Forces WIP by TwilightZoney
● World 1-1 in Sonic Mania by AeroArtwork

You will be able to play ALL of these entries from Monday 20th November on the website, but remember that these will NOT be eligible for Community Trophies or standard judging.

Hack Expo Deadline Expired

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Please note that the deadline has expired and no further entries will be taken.

A list of submissions will be posted during the week as we have quality control checks and other stuff to deal with first.

Reminder of Hack Expo Deadline

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Just a reminder that we close submissions to the Hack Expo at the end of Sunday 12th November at Midnight EST. Get your submissions and updates in by this deadline. 

Make sure that you have everything uploaded (that means a fully playable entry and screenshots) and make sure that your entry passes the Quality Control Criteria, as those that don't will be removed altogether. A list of all entries will be put up on Monday provided there aren't any delays with the quality checks, but failing that it will be out during the week.

You will be able to download all Contest and Expo submissions at the Contest Week of Monday 20th to Sunday 26th November. Sign up for an account to be able to vote for the Community Trophies, applicable to Contest entries only. 

SHC2017 Trailer and Contest Entries

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First, watch this trailer video, made by redhotsonic:

Next, let's have a look at this year's Hacking Contest entries. Not as many compared to last year but remember we have the unjudged Hack Expo too which the list for that will be revealed next Monday.

● A Generic Sonic 1 ROMhack by CHRdutch
● A Rushed Sonic Hack by Unlimited Trees
● Achi (AKA another trend in gaming that is slightly annoying and ultimately pointless) by Natsumi
● Classic Pantufa the Cat DX by VAdaPEGA
● Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - DX Edition by RadioShadow
● Heroes Mod Loader & Tweakbox by sewer56lol
● Metal Sonic Rebooted by Lone Devil
● Mr. Cat's 16 Day Challenge by Mr. Cat
● SADX Lantern Engine by SonicFreak94
● Sonic & Ashuro by Ashuro
● Sonic 1 - Comet Edition v2.1 by BCasais
● Sonic 1 Back to South Island by PineappleArse
● Sonic 1 Dragon Edition by DragonWolfLeo
● Sonic 1: Colors Edition by campbellsonic
● Sonic 2 for PC & New 3DS by Clownacy
● Sonic 2: Zen Island by Yoshister
● Sonic 3 Chaos Adventure by Jdpense
● Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate by Narcologer
● Sonic Double Dash by SteamPoweredPixel
● Sonic Egg Factory ReMastered by FoxConED
● Sonic Halloween by CamManS5
● Sonic Legacy by GammaV
● Sonic Redux (Character Demo) by InvisibleUp
● Tails Adventure X-L by lordxernom


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A reminder that at the end of Sunday 5th November at Midnight EST, the update window will close, and judging will commence after this date.

If you are having any issues uploading, you need to contact us before the deadline to get it sorted out. There will be no exceptions made for this.

Remember, if you still want to take part in the Contest Week, you can still submit to the unjudged Hack Expo until the end of Sunday 12th November.

Quick Reminder

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There seems to be some confusion with some stuff related to the Hacking Contest and quite honestly, everything you can find about it you will find in the About page. But for those who are still struggling, a few bullet points for you:

•  We are no longer taking Hacking Contest submissions but we are still taking submissions for the unjudged Hack Expo up to the end of Sunday 12th November.

•  If you have submitted to the Hacking Contest you have until the end of Sunday 5th November to finalise your entry, judging will commence after this period.

•  We will post a list of Hacking Contest submissions after Sunday 5th November and Hack Expo submissions after Sunday 12th November.

•  You will be able to download all of these submissions at the Contest Week from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th November.

That should be everything, but if you have any further questions use the forum threads or our Discord server which you can find all links at the bottom of the page.
Remember that if you are not a full member of either Sonic Retro or SSRG and want to submit you need to contact us for verification, details for which are in an earlier news post which you can find on this page.
You do not have to be verified to download entries and vote for the Community Trophies at the Contest Week.

Contest Submissions Deadline HAS EXPIRED

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As promised, the deadline expired at midnight EST, we are no longer taking submissions for this year's Hacking Contest

Those that did enter have until the end of Sunday 5th November to polish their entry and fix any bugs. However, we will be checking all submitted entries during this week to make sure that they have a playable build already and that it passes the Quality Control Criteria. If we decide that your entry is not for the Contest this year, you will be emailed about it. This is why unlike previous years, there will not be a list of entries posted until the Updates Deadline.

For those that still want to show off something, there is always the Hack Expo, which gives you all the exposure of the Contest, just without the entry being judged. We still are taking submissions for that up to the end of Sunday 12th November, which as of this post is two weeks away.

Keep an eye on the website for information regarding the Contest Week, we will be posting stuff about that over the next few weeks. And take a look at those links at the bottom of the website too.

Contest Submission Deadline: Midnight Tonight EST

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As the title of this article suggests, Tonight at Midnight EST is the first deadline for the Contest.  What does this mean, exactly? I've been hearing some confusion about this, so let us clarify a few points:

No new submissions will be possible for the Contest. 
This one is a no-brainer; "Add New Entry" will not be possible for Contest entries anymore. Expo entries will of course still be open until Sunday 12th November.

Entries in the Contest that do not have a playable/fully runnable build will be moved to the Expo.
This is something that we will be checking on explicitly come midnight and tomorrow. You might not have your completed description or all media entries as of yet, but you must have a playable build of your entry. Remember, the last week given is to give your entry that last minute neatening up and fixing bugs, not to complete your entry altogether. If your entry is found to not meet this point then it will be automatically moved over to the Expo instead.

You do not need to have your entry Marked as Complete at this deadline.
I've seen some confusion here, so let's clarify this point explicitly. The Marked as Complete is for the final deadlines only, not this stage of them. Even if you have already marked an entry as complete, you can still make changes to it up until the final deadline dates. This applies to both the Contest and the Expo.

When you have uploaded a ROM or changed the offsite link, make sure to save.
This is very important. You must save after uploading or changing the offsite link, otherwise it will not be updated with your entry and the previous download or link will be there instead!

Please note that unlike previous years, there will be no list of submissions in the Contest posted until after the Update Deadline has expired. This is because we will be doing Quality Control Criteria checks during the week, so some submissions that do not meet that criteria may be moved to the Expo or removed altogether.

I hope this clarifies some points about the deadline tonight. When in doubt, don't be afraid to come on to the Discord and message us in the #site_issues channel, or PM us on the various forums about!


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Time goes quick, and so do the deadlines. We will close the Hacking Contest to new entries at the end of Sunday 29th October. No exceptions, if you don't get a playable entry in by this date, your entry is moved to the Hack Expo (the deadline for those submissions is at the end of Sunday 12th November) and it won't be judged whatsoever. Also note that unless your entry is of a large filesize like a Generations mod for example, we need your entry uploaded to the site to avoid any issues experienced with off-site downloading. If you are having issues uploading your entry for whatever reason, do an off-site upload for now, talk to us about it and we will look into it.

Remember that you get an extra week to polish your Hacking Contest entry and fix any issues, the deadline of which is at the end of Sunday 5th November. Judging will only commence after that date but Judges have the right to look at your entry beforehand to ensure that it meets the Quality Control Criteria. If it doesn't meet it fully, it will either be moved to the Hack Expo should the entry meet most of the criteria and be worthy of showing off, or rejected altogether if it is absolutely unsuitable for the contest. We will notify anyone affected by the email address you have provided to us.

Also, quick note, we're well aware some people get caught out by the six character minimum username restriction. We can change your display name to get around that should you want that, you just have to contact us, either through email, Twitter DM or Discord.

Contest Submissions Deadline: One Week to Go!

Posted by Spanner @ 2017-10-22 08:52:18 User Image
We've had a good amount of submissions to the Hacking Contest already as well as the seperate, unjudged Hack Expo but do remember that in order to actually be judged for the Hacking Contest, we need a fully playable ROM to be submitted by the end of Sunday 29th October. If you don't do this, your entry will be moved to the Hack Expo, which has a longer deadline of the end of Sunday 12th November, but your entry won't be judged.

Remember that if you submit for the Contest, you will get an extra week to polish your entry and fix any bugs, the deadline for that is the end of Sunday 5th November. Judging will commence after that date.

If your entry does not meet the Quality Control Criteria, it will be either moved to the Expo depending on what you do have or rejected from the entire thing. Sorry, but we've got standards to keep this year!

We want as many people to submit as possible, but remember, if you are not a full member of Sonic Retro or SSRG, you have to contact a judge for validation. This can be done in the following ways:
•  Send an email to shc[@]sonicresearch[.]org with your SHC username, as well as your forum account(s).
•  Send a Direct Message to the @shcontest Twitter account with your SHC username and your forum account(s). Our DMs are open.
•  Private Message a Judge on SSRG or Sonic Retro with your SHC username. Obviously you need an account that can PM with this method, but if you can't, the above two options will work, especially email.

As we have the Quality Control Criteria in place this year we may decide to get rid of the full member requirement next year. But for now, if you aren't a full member of either site and want to get involved, please ask!

Anyway, let's keep up the good work here, if you have questions or any issues you can contact us using the forum threads, email account or Discord server which is linked at the bottom of the page. A good example that we've already had to deal with is someone making another account because they put the wrong email address in. If you contacted us about it, we would have been able to change the existing email address for you. No need for another account whatsoever.

An Update

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We've only had the site up a few days and already we've recieved a good number of submissions to both the Contest and Expo, so keep that up! Just remember that we now have uploading fully working, so if you have a ROM then do upload it to the site, the off-site linking is generally preferred for large files such as Generations mods for example.

Also regarding deadlines, the submissions deadline of the end of Sunday 29th October (where we must have a playable submission by this date) and updates deadline of the end of Sunday 5th November (where you get a week to finish things off and fix any bugs found) apply to Contest submissions ONLY. If you are submitting to the Hack Expo, you only get one deadline, which is the end of Sunday 12th November, as we do not judge those entries. If you can't make the submissions deadline for the Contest, your entry will be moved to the Expo, meaning you get extra time to get your entry done, and you get exposure for your entry, with the expense being your entry won't be judged. You've had since last December to make an entry though, so I would hope most people won't have to miss out on getting judged!

Please also note, as it's happened a few times, you cannot have the same entry submitted to both the Contest and Expo. It's one or the other. If you want your entry to be judged and be in the running for trophies, it's the Contest. If you don't want to be judged, go for the Expo. Please also remember our stance on Sonic Mania mods too. We will move any entry that does not meet the Contest criteria to the Expo.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the contest and this website which is ever changing, new features are being added regularly. If you have any questions, use the forum threads or Discord which are all linked at the bottom of this page. If you aren't a full member of SSRG or Sonic Retro but want to submit, instructions for getting validated are in a previous news post. We've already had a few people ask to get verified, so don't hesitate to ask!

Yet More Teething Issues

Posted by Cinossu @ 2017-10-18 05:18:50 User Image
So it's been a good number of hours since the site went live, and.. what's this? The site is still working without going down?! Already the improvements are showing! It's a miracle, etc. If there's anything that proves this is a complete recode rather than a large scale modification, it's that.

That said, we've had a few more teething issues, so I thought I'd go through some of them now to clear some things up and the status of their fixes.

Help! I keep being logged out, especially during the verification process!
If you're on a public connection that is constantly changing IP or your browser has rotating user agent data, this could be the issue. If you're unable to solidify this, or it's something else, contact us on Discord and we'll see what can be done for you. Keep trying and persevering otherwise, as this is one of the few we do not have too much to go on other than this.

I uploaded my ROM but it says 404 when clicking Download to test!
Whoops, this one was a caching issue. An older file where the link was slightly different was in place, but now should be fixed and your download should be accessible to test. If it's still not working, try hard refreshing (Ctrl+F5).

I get the message "An Unknown Error Occurred" occasionally when uploading Media or my ROM
It shouldn't be occurring very often, if at all, but usually a second attempt should fix this.

Why do all my Media entries have a caption of their filename? How do I change this?!
I guess this is something that isn't quite clear, and I'm not 100% sure how to make it more obvious. Click into your Media to preview it properly, and from here the caption should be editable just as everything else is on the entry page.

When I tried to Save and Mark As Complete it was telling me I needed a banner image, a download, and at least 3 media items. I already have this, so what gives?
Whoops. My bad. This was a silly little coding error that has since been fixed. Sufficed to say, I was checking a variable of user data that didn't exist(!)

How do I delete Media items? I made a mistake!
You can click down on a Media item and drag it over the Delete Media Item block. Where is this block, you say? It replaces the Add New Media Item block when you begin to drag a Media item!

So I can upload images and music for Media but, what happened to YouTube links...?
Again, this is a whoops on my part. This is something I actually completely forgot about as a possibility until this morning. This is something that should be implemented before the end of the day as an option from the Media upload dialogue.
(13:53 BST EDIT) YouTube videos can now be used as Media! Make sure to hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) to reload all files, and then click Add New Media Item to see the new choice available.

Hopefully this answers questions people are having about the site at the moment. Have more questions? Join us on Discord and report them in #site_issues (link in the footer)!

Teething Issues

Posted by Cinossu @ 2017-10-17 18:10:15 User Image
As always, with any new site, there's teething issues.
DNS propegation might cause some of the Verification process to break. Just keep trying, and it should go through eventually. It's still trying to point to an old server in some places, so.. yeah.

Keep persevering!

Welcome, finally, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2017!

Posted by Cinossu @ 2017-10-16 15:07:29 User Image
Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2017!

This post (and site opening) has been a long time coming, and I can only apologise for its tardiness. A mixture of technical difficulties ranging from broken technology, long repair times, to servers misbehaving, coupled with various bouts of illness are to blame, and for that I can only apologise.

But enough with the theatrics, welcome! While not all of the site is working as of yet, the majority of the necessary functionality is. Let's go into some more detail, shall we?

Account registration is separate to your forum accounts this time.
Whereas before you would log in specifically with your Sonic Retro or SSRG forum account, now you register on the site itself and then verify instead. Once registered, your account starts off as unverified. Unverified accounts will have some privileges on the site, but for now there is nothing for them to be able to do.

In order to submit an entry, you need to Verify your account.
In the user dropdown menu on the top navigation bar, you will currently see two buttons to verify your account with your Sonic Retro or SSRG forum accounts by going to a specific authentication form on those forums in question. Once verified, your account will then allow you to submit an entry to both the Contest and the Expo from the top navigation bar. 

You need to be a full and unblocked member of either forum in order to become automatically verified.
If you aren't, while you can still link your accounts to your SHC account, you will still be marked as unverified. While the site currently does not have a messaging service, there are some methods of which you can use in order to attempt getting your SHC account verified and able to submit entries:
•  Send an email to shc[@]sonicresearch[.]org with your SHC username, as well as your forum account(s).
•  Send a Direct Message to the @shcontest Twitter account with your SHC username and your forum account(s). Our DMs are open.
•  Private Message a Judge on SSRG or Sonic Retro with your SHC username. Obviously you need an account that can PM with this method, but if you can't, the above two options will work, especially email.

As we have the Quality Control Criteria in place this year we may decide to get rid of the full member requirement next year. But for now, if you aren't a full member of either site and want to get involved, please ask!

You can make as many entries as you want.
Once verified, you can make as many or as few entries as you want to the Contest and the Expo. Just click the Add New Entry link in the appropriate menu. The page that appears is your entry page, and you can edit each entry's elements directly on the page.

Media has been expanded to include music this year.
You can upload MP3s, OGGs, as well as VGM files this year for your entry.

There's much more about this site that's still under development and will be expanded on during the time of the contest. Stay tuned for more information, and once again, welcome!