Sonic Sad Hill: Hell of Green Hill Zones

By borus

What happened to Sonic? Where did everyone go? What happened to the world? Travel through strange lands, free your friends, and meet your most terrible enemy.

You always start with the same path, but you make the choice how to end it. Find 6 chaos emeralds or do nothing. Become good or be free.

The game is fully completed and you will see it as it should be. The hack contains changed levels, new gameplay elements. You will meet new bosses and even see a plot with 3 endings. Almost all music has own style. It may be broken, but it creates an atmosphere of a strange world.

I want to say thanks to:

  • Teffycom for part of the provided tracks and help in the hack. He qualitatively does the conversion and can motivate people and guide them in the right direction. He advised me in previous hack releases, and also gave a huge bug list with all the errors that I fixed in the current release. I owe him.
  • Taz for testing the current release, helping with translating the hack into English, giving advice on game design, and motivating me to work with the current release. Thanks to him, I realized that other people's opinions can greatly improve the hack. He is the best.
  • Vladikcomper for S1HS and guides for assembler and tutorial in SonED2. He greatly evolved the community of hack developers and on its basis, a lot of good hack creators appeared. He also gave me good tips for fixing problems.
  • MarkeyJester for his guide, where he described the work with assembler on the 68k Motorola.
  • Suler for giving me technical advice and finding errors in the game. His technical work showed how cool bosses can be.
  • KameKAgZZe for showing how to fix bugs on the Regen accurate emulator.

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1 MB

Galaad @ 2019-12-02 09:44:29

I recognize Aladdin music ^^

Galaad @ 2019-12-02 09:45:26

(Jafar Boss and lava)

Jdpense @ 2019-12-02 10:24:24

I am gonna be honest here... I did not like the palettes nor music... the palettes bleed together and lack amount of contrast... I also am not a big fan of the music ports either. The music lacks the usage of music channels, which makes it sound very bland to me. Though I did enjoy some of the bosses in this hack...

Romulok77 @ 2019-12-02 13:07:43

The bosses and game mechanics implemented are cool. Other than that the songs didn't please me at all. And also the colors of some acts are not good to see.

Last modified by Romulok77 @ 2019-12-02 13:10:41

Blue__Fox @ 2019-12-04 19:35:28

what can I say? is there a trophy for most edgy hack in the contest? cuz holy shit, if you wanted to create some depressive atmosphere you did it! But I really don't like the dick moves, there's spikes everywhere in places that you can't see until it sting your butt...I starting to think that it's made on purpose...but I really like those gimmicks that turns Sonic into a fanchar, they're cool and fun to play ;)