(Another) Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic 1

By AsuharaMoon

NOTE: This hack is NOT related to FeliciaVal's old Shadow in S1 in every way. Please avoid making misinformation.

Since June of 2018, I've working on what could be the better way to play as Shadow on this classic 2D Sonic game, and here it is again! Released back in January, (Another) Shadow in Sonic 1 returns on a new update, including some minor fixes, 2 new features (along with new spritework), and accesible cheats for those lazy players who don't know what a Game Genie is! (no offense)

And before you ask "Where's the Homing Attack?", just take note that almost every member in the hacking scene agrees the technique is a big NO for classic 2D Sonic games. So I made an exception here and brought the Drop Dash directly from Sonic Mania instead, in order to provide a bit of variety.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!


  • B/C: Jump
  • Down + A/B/C: Spin Dash
  • Jump + Hold C: Drop Dash
  • A: Light Dash
  • (Only in midair) A/B/C: Forced Rolling
  • Jump + Hold Up + B: Super Shadow / Revert (needs 6 emeralds)
  • Jump + Hold Down + B: Chaos Blast (Only as Super; drains 10 rings)


  • E-122-Psi: Coding and feedback (Wouldn't make it without him!)
  • FireRat: Coding and Drop Dash porting
  • JoenickROS: Custom SMPS (I Am All Of Me)
  • Crash: Original Light Dash code
  • MarkeyJester: Coding
  • TheKKM, MotorRoach, & Kapacitado: Sprites related stuff
  • J4y and Lisnovski: Additional Spritework
  • VladikComper: MegaPCM
  • Gemini0: Coding and Betatesting
  • Mercury: Demo recording tool
  • Aier: Betatesting
  • Iso Kilo: Special Thanks

Special Features:

You can activate a few extras by playing sound $9A, $9B or $9C (you already know this one) in the sound test! Play $9D to deactivate everything.


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Jdpense @ 2019-12-02 11:23:37

There isn't too much I can say about this... but I will say I love art for Shadow's sprites, and I also enjoyed the speical hidden features too! ^^

AsuharaMoon @ 2019-12-05 21:43:06

Thanks dude!

Iso Kilo @ 2019-12-03 03:25:59

Shadow's artwork looks great. And the moveset is quite fitting. It's been a while since I've seen the Light Speed Dash in a ROM hack, so that was cool to see return. The sound test screts were good fun as well.

AsuharaMoon @ 2019-12-05 21:46:36

I'm glad I did the right thing of choosing the Light Speed Dash. Thanks man!

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2019-12-04 19:26:29

Loved the game...GUNS AND CHAOS SPEAR

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2019-12-05 17:20:13

Can you go Super with the Special features enabled?

AsuharaMoon @ 2019-12-05 21:48:32

Thank you! By the way, no, you cannot use it while both the Gun or Chaos Spear are enabled.

AsuharaMoon @ 2019-12-05 21:52:31

Ok, most of the streamers already played both of my hacks, so I guess is time to reveal the hidden stuff for good!:


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