No Model Tinting

By Speeps

Since the GameCube version of SA2 there's been a bug that causes material colors on models to be applied when they shouldn't be. The default color value is grey, so this causes a lot of objects to render with a dark tint.

This makes the game ignore the color for any object with that value. Models that rely on this tinting (SA2B logo, Metal Harbor missile etc.) are unaffected.

Examples of what this mod fixes:

  • Checkpoints
  • Containers
  • Dash/Launch Panels
  • GUN Robots
  • Item Boxes
  • Low-Poly character models (Lowest poly Sonic+Shadow's arms look a bit bright though so I've included copies of their models that fix that)
  • Rings
  • Rockets
  • Springs
  • Upgrades
  • It'll fix tinted cutscene models as well, but if you're already using the Cutscene Revamp you won't notice anything, since it's already been fixed there.

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