Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku extend: FINAL39's (SHC2019 Demo)

By The Special Stage

Ever wondered what would happen if Hatsune Miku was in Sonic Mania? What do you mean, "hell no?"

Well, we did, a couple of years ago. And it resulted in Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku, probably the only Sonic Mania mod to have its own TVTropes page. If you can consider that an accolade.

Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku considerably overhauls Sonic Mania, with Miku (in her Sonic Style module from the Project DIVA series) as the star. New animated opening and ending cutscenes, a remixed soundtrack, re-themed and reimagined stages, and you've got yourself the makings of a surprisingly extensive rework of Sonic Mania.

While Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku already recieved an update for Sonic Mania Plus, called "extend", TiniestTurtles has taken it upon himself to go even further and rework some of the mod's less pristine graphics for one last, ultimate update - Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku extend: Mega39's (It's a Japanese pun, alright).

While the full mod is presented here, only Studiopolis (or as it's called in the mod, Dominopolis) has recieved the bulk of any changes. There are a few minor touch-ups to HUD sprites here and there, as well as other minor graphics such as the signpost.

There is no set deadline for the completion of Final Mix - I (Tracker_TD) am relatively hands-off with this update, and it's purely a passion project for TiniestTurtles, whenever he has spare time. That said, we hope you enjoy this taster of the Final Mix update, whether it's just to check out the overhauled Dominopolis or to revisit the mod in its entirety!

(As it's presented as an update for the mod, this release also includes all of the bonus content from the main release, such as key art for streamers and content creators to use in thumbnails and stream layouts, and the original release of Hatsune Miku in Sonic 1, the ROM hack that predated Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku)


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JaxTH @ 2019-12-08 00:24:44

The greatest tragedy of SHC 2019 is that you didn't put this in the contest proper.