Sonic '06 - Westopolis

By Knuxfan24

A port of Westopolis from Shadow the Hedgehog to Sonic '06 (specifically the 360 version, as the PS3 version appears to handle terrain differently), replacing Shadow's Crisis City level slot. This was mostly made to learn & understand the workings of stage creation for Sonic '06, putting our weird, bodged GLVL tools to the test, along with the Path Export MaxScript.

This is fairly damn janky, as I lost the drive to work on it closer to the end due to our set tools being really cobbled together and based on an unfinished implementation of HedgeLib's S06SetData class, hence why its part of the expo rather the main contest.


This mod is optimised for the Sonic '06 Mod Manager, which can be found here: Indepth information on usage can be found here: (Please don't use Vulkan if your system is capable of running the game on DirectX 12. The amount of people we've had to explain that old video guides are outdated to is worrying.)


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