Chat VS Sonic Mania

By CodenameGamma

This is a mod for sonic mania that lets users in livestreams influance the game and can help or hurt the streamer.

This mod requires the Latest Version of the Mania Mod Manager please make sure to update even if you already think your using the latest version.


Twitch - None Works out of the box.

Youtube - A Google API key with youtube support.

Discord - a Discord Bot Key

Chat Commands • !switch (Character) *WITHOUT BRACKETS* – Changes Player 1 to the Character • !partner (Character)*WITHOUT BRACKETS* - Changes The AI / Player 2 to the Character • Sonic • Tails • Knux/Knuckles • Ray • Mighty • !fire - Gives a Fire Shield • !water - Gives a Water Shield • !thunder - Gives a Lighting Shield • !normal - Gives a Basic Shield • !shove– Gives a Boost of speed in the current facing direction. • !slap – Slaps the Player tossing them in the air and reversing their current momentum. • !ringloss – Make the player lose 30 rings over 30 seconds and die if none are left. (if he has more then 10) • !demon – Spawns Sonic.exe and chases the player, if the player gets hit, they will lose all rings, and die if they have none. (3 MINUTE COOLDOWN) • !givering - Gives the Player 1 Ring. • !eggbox – Spawn an Eggman Itembox in front of the player. • !spring – spawns a random spring • !welp – Spawns a Welp Emoji! • !cng – Shows your Support for CodenameGamma • !shc – Shows your Support for The 2019 Sonic Hacking Contest! • !touchfluffy - Get Dizzy (Inverts Controls) • !rainbow - Cycles the Color of ALL Characters for a short amount of time • !color #RRGGBB - Sets the Current Character to a RGB Value (EX: !color #0084ff) • !demon - Spawns a Demonitization Demon that will kill you if it catches you with no rings, 3 minute cooldown.

--------Shares a Cooldown------- • !big – Grows Sonic Big for 25 seconds • !small – Makes The Player Chibi 25seconds • !reallybig - Turns Player into big the cat for a short amount of time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---Admin--- Username Must match room name. or be added to config. • !set (command name) On/Off or true/false • !set debug - Forces Debug Mode On. • !set dev - Forces the Dev Menu (When enabled) • !set nextlevel - Changes to Next Level • !set lastlevel - Changes to Previous Level • !set restart - Restarts the level


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freezestar @ 2019-12-07 17:45:37

I feel like this mod needs proper instructions. My friend can't get it to work and neither of us have any idea why it doesn't work for him but it works for me.

HunnyBon @ 2019-12-08 15:25:11

For me, it seems to just close itself after a few seconds and Sonic Mania crashes. :/