Welcome to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2019

By Cinossu @ 2019-10-14 13:27:26

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2019!

Phew; another year, another late opening to the hacking contest website. Blame a mix of late work hours, illness, stress, and actually trying to get this damn thing to work properly. Mmmnngh. If you find things not working as they should, please let us know on Discord and we'll see what we can do. You know how these things go in terms of teething issues.

But enough with the theatrics, welcome! Let's go into some more detail again...

Account registration is still separate to your forum accounts. Those that registered last year know the drill here, the only difference being this year (at least at the moment), there is no account verification via Sonic Retro or SSRG. This isn't so much because we decided to remove it outright, moreso an issue with Xenforo that is still being handled and running out of time. Oh well.

Those of you with an existing account on here from last year, your account still exists. However, due to a change in the user system, all accounts have had their passwords changed to be locked out. What does this mean? You need to use the forgotten password feature in order to restore access to your account. I hope you remember your registration email addresses(!) If there are any issues, please contact us on discord for further assistance. Do note that the email may go into your spam folder. Please check there for it in case it does!

You can make as many entries as you want. Once again, you can make as many or as few entries as you want to the Contest and the Expo. Just click the Add New Entry link in the appropriate menu. The page that appears is your entry page, and you can edit each entry's elements directly on the page.

Stay tuned for more information, and once again, welcome!