Attention Please: Twitter Links

By Spanner @ 2019-11-03 16:50:40

As of Friday 8th November, the website is now linking again on Twitter. Many thanks for all your reports to get this sorted out!

(original post below)

The Sonic Hacking Contest is having issues with Twitter who for some reason are blocking links to our domain by saying they are spam or automated links, and this is seriously impacting us with promoting this whole thing, which may result in less entries overall and / or less attention for the whole event, as people may treat the link as suspicious.

To get Twitter to sort this out please go to and click "I can't Tweet a link because Twitter thinks it's spam." and fill in the relevant details and of course the address of - If enough people report it they might get it unblocked, otherwise we're going to have to blow some money and get a new domain entirely...which might also end up getting blocked by their algorithm.

We've owned this domain for many years without trouble and would prefer to keep it that way, but if we can't get this sorted out we'll have to get a new address.

We are not exactly sure why it would be blocked but if the issue relates to SSL support this has been implemented for this year's website.

Also, on a side note you still have a few hours left to get a Contest entry submitted.